A little about the guy behind this site...

    So who am I? ~ June 10th, 2006

Who am I? I ask myself that question everyday!

I'm an American who lives in the small town of Arcadia, located in the sea of humanity called Los Angeles County. I'm a webmaster, graphic designer, photographer, writer, collector of ephemera, and - above all else - a traveller. All of these things tend to merge onto one on the computer. I discovered the wonderful world of travel at an early age, thanks to my parents and those magazines with the yellow border, National Geographic. Travel for me has been a way to not just escape the trappings of a stressful job in a busy city, but to also become closer to the person I want to be: a spiritually minded guru living on top of a mountain in Nepal.

Ok, just kidding. But it would be nice to have that Buddha-like serenity. It would certainly help me when I have to make it through the infamous Los Angeles rush hour traffic.

Since I was a kid, I've dreamed of traveling through foreign lands. I vividly recall spending Saturdays in the summer as a kid searching for old National Geographic Magazines at garage sales, then reading them under a tree in the aftenoon. At one point, I think I owned every issue of the magazine back into the 1930s. I fed my dream of seeing the world by hiking, backpacking and camping as much as possible in California until I found a moment in my life where I had both the time and money to travel to Europe.

The reality of my adventure was more than I could possibly dream of!

In 2001 (on September 11th, to be specific), I traveled around Europe for 77 days and tasted true adventure in 14 countries. Since then, I've been back to Europe and continued the adventurous way of life by exploring South America, Mexico and Alaska.

This site is designed to anchor all of my online projects, many created with a strong reference to travel.
    My Websites ~ June 10th, 2006
  • kahunna.net - my pride and joy. Created in December 2001, this site is a non-commercial site dedicated to helping budget travelers discover meaningful travel by sharing what I have learned. It mainly showcases my photography.
  • retrotravels.net - a project I've been trying to translate from book to web for a while now. It isn't too easy taking marginalia and ephemera from old turn-of-the-last-century travel guidebooks and webbifying them. Stay tuned.
  • soundsdowntown.com - although it is not yet available, this site will provide downloadable walking tours of my city, Los Angeles. It is a partnership with Melanie Orndorff, a fellow Angelino who shares my passion for the exotic history of the Los Angeles area. This site will be used with...
  • urban-explorers.com - one of my long-term goals is to create a guided tour company concentrating in the downtown Los Angeles area. This goal is still on the horizon, but when it is ready, you now know where to find it!
  • spreadoutyourmap.com - Just in the idea stages right now, this site will help the budget-conscious plan their first overseas adventure.
All progress on these websites will be featured here on this site on my blog.